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Sciatica Treatment

How Do I Know If I Have Sciatic Pain?

Pain that radiates from your lower (lumbar) spine to your buttock and down the back of your leg is the hallmark of sciatica. Sciatica may be accompanied by numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in the affected leg. This pain can vary widely, from a mild ache to a sharp, burning sensation or excruciating discomfort. Sometimes it may feel like a jolt or electric shock. Sciatic pain often starts gradually and intensifies over time. It's likely to be worse when you sit, cough or sneeze.

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What Causes Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain is actually a sign that you have an underlying problem putting pressure on a nerve in your lower back. The most common cause of this nerve compression is a bulging or herniated lumbar disc. Piriformis syndrome is another common cause of sciatica. The piriformis is a muscle that lies directly over the sciatic nerve. If this muscle becomes tight or if you have a spasm in this muscle, it puts pressure directly on the sciatic nerve. Occasionally, sciatic pain in men is caused by sitting on a wallet.

The Sciatic Nerve 

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. It runs from your pelvis, through your hip area and buttocks and down each leg. The sciatic nerve branches into smaller nerves as it travels down the legs providing feeling to your thighs, legs, and feet as well as controlling many of the muscles in your lower legs. The term sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of this nerve.

How Do I Cure Sciatica and Avoid Back Surgery?

The vast majority of the time, sciatic pain can be relieved through a combination of Chiropractic Care, spinal rehabilitation exercises, lifestyle modifications, and most importantly with a cutting edge technology call Spinal Decompression Therapy.  

Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic is proud to be one of the few offices to offer Spinal Decompression Therapy to our community and patients. Spinal Decompression therapy is designed to help patients who suffer from disc problems including bulging discs, herniated discs, or degenerated discs in the neck and low back. Symptoms include neck, back, arm, wrist, or leg pain, numbness (Sciatica), and even sciatica. This exciting therapy offers a high success rate, especially when combined with corrective chiropractic care and spinal rehabilitation.

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Dr. Janowitz, Leading Oviedo Chiropractor, Speaks About Spinal Decompression

I'm sure we all can agree that avoiding surgery would be very important in our lives. Unfortunately many of us have had so much pain due to a disc problem, either in our neck or in our lower back producing things like sciatica, or numbness and tingling in our arms, or severe headaches that we say, "Enough is enough!" But before considering surgery or epidurals, it's definitely important to look at a concept called spinal decompression therapy. Now combining chiropractic care that is corrective in nature along with spinal decompression therapy is one of the big keys to success. 

My name is Dr. Eric Janowitz, and I'm a chiropractor here in Oviedo, Florida. We offer the most advanced decompression table called Kennedy Decompression, which optimally designed to put your body in the best position as well as putting the disc in the best position to heal. Decompression works in three ways. The first thing that decompression does is it gently tractions the body to free up the trapped nerve that is irritated going down your arm or your leg producing that painful condition. 

The second thing that decompression does is as it gently tractions the body through a computerized system, it also causes a negative pressure causing the disc to come back in to resorb itself and get to a healthy position not entrapping or irritating the nerve in your body. The third thing decompression does is it gently pumps the disc, and as it pumps a disc it brings in vital nutrition back and forth into the disc to help revitalize it and help to repair that injured area in your body. 

Now doing decompression by itself is only going to treat the disc, it's not until you combine it with chiropractic care that is designed to correct the reason why the disc might have herniated by being out of alignment for a short or long period of time combined with physical therapy to strengthen the soft tissue. So it is a three pronged approach and if you only do one you miss the boat. 

I encourage you to look at our website as well as come to the office for a new health restoration evaluation to see if we can help you with spinal decompression therapy. We'll be happy to review any MRIs, any other notes from other physicians so that we can prevent this very painful condition and allow your body to heal naturally. At Synergy we believe in loving, serving, and inspiring you to help you to achieve your best life ever. We believe that you have the potential to heal, we believe that you are capable of healing, and we definitely feel that you are worthy. 

Make today the day you decide to become healthy and pain free.

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How is Synergy Oviedo’s Spinal Decompression Therapy Different?

We utilize the Kennedy Decompression Table, KDT, one of the most sophisticated computerized traction systems available. This unique system provides a wide variety of patient positions (face down, face up, or even side lying) combined with one of the most advanced electronic traction machines to optimize both patient comfort and disc decompression.  

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Dr. Janowitz Pain Free Spinal Decompression Customer

Hi, good morning, I'm Tony. I'm a patient of Dr. Janowitz. I started having back pain, it's been happening for months and months, and I decided to come and see Dr. J. I was not able to play racquetball like I wanted to, and since starting the treatment with Dr. Janowitz, my condition has improved tremendously. I'm able to do racquetball like I used to, no more pain when I'm sitting down, no pain when I'm standing up. So, I would recommend Dr. Janowitz anytime for your lower back pain or any pain that you are having.

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