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Been In a Car Accident? Recover Faster & For Free* With The Best Chiropractic Adjustments Here in Oviedo

*Based on Florida law, if you've been injured in a car accident you have up to $10,000 of benefits that can be applied to Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy.

HOWEVER, you must be seen by a doctor within 14 days of your auto accident or you will lose all of your car accident related medical benefits.

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How Many Of These Serious Indicators Are You Experiencing From Your Car Accident?

Car accidents can cause serious damage to your spine. However, the shock and dismay at actually being in a car accident often masks or delays the onset of the debilitating pain caused by the accident.

It's quite common for us to see car accident patients days following the accident as the pain "just kept getting worse" or "it came out of nowhere!" 

As your car accident chiropractor, we encourage you to visit our Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic office as soon as possible to minimize your neck and spinal damage, as well as your pain. It's only in the movies where people simply unbuckle from a violent car accident, waive down a passing car, yank the driver out, hop in, and continue chasing the bad guy as they pull a clean pocket square from their suit jacket and dab a little sweat from their brow or touch up their eye liner at high speed!

The weight of an average car is nearly two tons—4,000 pounds. That means 8,000 pounds of metal and glass are crunching together, which is the same as being hit by an elephant!


Is it any wonder you are suffering from any or all of the following due to your car accident:

  • Blurred vision
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Shoulder pain
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Stiffness in your neck
  • Arm pain
  • Lower back pain

Whether you are experiencing dull, sharp, "nagging," or shooting pain, car accidents can wreak havoc on not only your lifestyle but your quality of life. Even if it has been days, weeks, or even months since your car accident, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, come see us. Chiropractic adjustments are the best way to naturally reduce the pain of a whiplash injury, back injury, even sciatica, and to help your body heal itself correctly.

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Manage and/or Eliminate Your Car Accident Pain The Natural Way

When you wait until the pain from the whiplash injury becomes unbearable you delay and complicate your recovery time. Even a minor car accident or fender-bender (see the minor elephant above) exerts MASSIVE forces on you spine, neck, and other joints.

How much force? A 160 lb person driving just 30 mph that is involved in a collision that stops your vehicle immediately (1 foot) experiences 2.4 TONS of force on your body! (Queue the elephant again!)

That is why what you think is just a minor whiplash injury can make your neck and shoulders tight at first, then they become painful, then the pain expands into headaches, stiffness, blurred vision, loss of sleep, and worse.

More significant injuries include damage to your spinal chord, surrounding muscles, ligaments and joints. That is why you'll benefit from our chiropractic treatment, which is specifically designed to help you recover naturally from injuries sustained in your car accident.

While you may initially need pain medication, they only mask the underlying injury sustained in your car accident. Remember, physical injuries can never be TREATED or CORRECTED with chemical prescriptions.

The other serious risks of pain medications include addiction, unforeseen side effects, and even death. According to the CDC, methadone is to blame for one-third of U.S. prescription painkiller deaths, and it's on the rise.

As chiropractors, we work with your body to promote natural relaxation and healing. Proper chiropractic adjustments align your spine to help your muscles and nerves relax. When your muscles and nerves are allowed to rest after being unnaturally stretched from a car accident injury, your pain and stiffness will be reduced if not eliminated altogether.

As if eliminating your pain isn't enough, expert chiropractic adjustments can also shorten your recovery time by allowing blood to flow freely through your muscles, nerves, and spinal chord. This improved circulation can also help prevent scar tissue from building up and eliminate additional injuries related to the initial car accident injury.

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Get More Than Just a Chiropractic Adjustment

While chiropractic adjustments are effective, you may need additional treatments to make a full recovery from your auto accident. That's why we also offer massage therapy, physical medicine, modern equipment, and other techniques to create a treatment plan specifically designed for you.

To recover quickly and completely from car accidents you need five teams of people to help you:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Personal injury lawyer
  4. Medical doctors
  5. Chiropractic doctors

Here at Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic, we have 4 & 5 covered with our 3 Chiropractors with 40 years of experience and we have relationships with some of the top medical doctors to give you the best combination of care and we're happy to say most of our patients consider us as 1 & 2 as well! We can even recommend a few good personal injury lawyers. (So we really are a "one-stop-shop!")

You're Never Too Old or Too Young To Overcome Your Car Accident Injury With Professional Chiropractic Adjustments

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