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Medical Massage Pamper Programs at Your Workplace

Do you agree that stress at work place can limit a person’s full potential in the office?

The problem is our workforce is sitting in front of a computer all day, leaning towards their screens, hunching and aching their backs, and knots are building up. They leave work, with no energy because their muscles are tight and fatigued. Dr. Janowitz has come up with a solution for our local community. As a free professional courtesy, he is providing medical massage pampering programs to companies like yours.

Why Have Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic Provide our program for your clients?

What makes our program different is that our therapists provide free, medical grade massages that not only pamper your employees but also provide targeted therapy to reduce the cause of their aches and pains.

What’s great about our medical massage program?

We go to your office. Our program is on site and what’s great about that it is that we come to you, there is no need to lose any of your team’s productivity, and there is no travel required.

Employees are fully clothed. Our medical massage therapy is performed with the employee fully clothed and seated in a comfortable massage chair. This makes the session easy to start and keeps the employee comfortable in their clothes without having to disrobe.

10 minute focused clinical session. Our therapists have been trained not only with traditional relaxation techniques but have had advanced training by our physicians to provide the most amount of true therapy in the least amount of time. This quick little break from their work can allow us to treat many of your staff in one visit and often increases productivity because we got rid of some of the aches and pains. It certainly increases morale of the office. They will know that their managers care about them.

How much does it cost? The short answer: FREE. Our office is currently scheduling for the next quarter for these Medical Massage Pampers. Each pamper is up to 3 hour long and is valued at $720. Imagine how much your staff will appreciate the therapy and it won’t cost you a dime.


In addition to our Medical Massage Pamper Programs, our doctors also volunteer their time and expertise by providing fun, interactive lunch and learn programs. Our physicians are part of a National Non-Profit Organization, the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, where we provide workshops on a variety of topics including Stress Management, Weight Loss, Time Management, Reducing Carpal Tunnel, and much more. Please email [email protected] to schedule.

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Massage Therapy in Conjunction with Chiropractic Care

Massage therapySynergy Oviedo Chiropractic has three chiropractic physicians and licensed massage therapists on staff to serve you. Our massage therapy program is a life changing experience, we use a comprehensive view of healthcare and employ a total wellness approach to each patient's care.  Our total wellness approach to your health is focused on natural healing methods, meaning we do not use things like medication or surgery to heal the body.  Instead, we combine chiropractic techniques specific to your needs with spinal rehabilitative exercises (physical therapy) to address the muscles and other soft tissue components. In conjunction with our chiropractic and rehabilitative exercise treatments, the chiropractors at Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic may prescribe massage therapy for their patients.

Each patient is assigned a case manager whose purpose is to make sure the individual needs of the patient are met and to ensure the patient is always heard.  This also ensures that the treatment evolves as the patient progresses through spinal correction.

Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy addresses a variety of health conditions, the most prevalent being stress-related tension, which, experts believe accounts for 80-90% of disease. As studies continue to reveal the link between kinesiology and physical and emotional health, the effects will be further documented. However, one need only experience a good massage to know it's beneficial to the body and soul. The beneficial aspects, when included in a wellness plan, can help patients increase their flexibility, relieve their back pain, treat headaches, help with pain management, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Our Massage Therapists 

Massage Therapit - Vito
Vito Novia (LMT# MA0036301) is our senior massage therapist and he has been providing massage therapy for our practice for over 7 years.  He has been a licensed massage therapist for over 12 years.  Our patients enjoy his friendly nature and strong "like bull" hands.  He has served hundred of patients here at Synergy Family Health and has helped a number of them involved in auto accidents and other injuries.

Our therapists use only professional grade massage lotions and creams from Biotone.  The lotions are unscented to avoid any sensitivity issues.  We also use Biofreeze, as needed, as a topical pain reliever to work through more problem areas.  Patients also have the option of relaxing music selections and having their table warmed to enhance their experience.

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We are proud to offer additional skilled therapists during peak seasons.

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